Mobile Body Analysis, a division of Build A Better Body, Inc., is the only mobile body composition testing clinic, featuring the Bod Pod. Other companies do limited mobile hydrostatic testing and still use outdated technology. We've incorporated the most current computerized technology available in our Mobile Testing Clinic. Nothing could be easier. Best of all...we bring our clinic to you.

The Bod Pod is a complete system for measuring and tracking body fat and lean mass using patented air displacement technology. Developed with grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Bod Pod technology is based on the same whole-body measurement principle as hydrostatic weighing (the "dunk tank"). Because of it's high level of accuracy, ease-of-use, and fast test time, the Bod Pod has quickly become the method of choice for measuring body composition.

Each analysis includes the following :

Certified Body Weight

Body Fat Percentage

Total Lean Body Mass

Thoracic Lung Volume

Resting Metabolic Rate

Total Energy Expenditure

Blood Pressure

Resting Heart Rate

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